Removable Element Woltman Water-Meters

Removable Element Woltman Water-Meters


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Product size:WP-40~500

Removable Element Woltm an Water Meter

It is a turb ine Removable Element Woltman water meter
for indust ri al and irri gation application in si zes 40mm and 500mm for cold meter.


Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance.
Dry dial register ensures clear reading.
The body is made of cast iron or ductile cast ironcoated with epoxy treatment.
The measuring mechanism can be remov able from the body for checking , mai ntaining and replacing, and the body don¡¯t need to be disman tled from the pipe.
Low pressure loss,long working life.
Inter-exchangeable parts.

Standards Compliance
ISO 4064 Class B standard


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