The premise of large-scale commercial use of smart water meters

The premise of large-scale commercial use of smart water meters.One of the driving forces behind the promotion of intelligent water meters is the liberation of manual meter reading. From the perspective of the water division, if the intelligent watch can not meet the characteristics of easy installation, easy deployment, and easy to use, it is only a matter of transferring the manpower and financial resources of the manual meter reading to the deployment and operation and maintenance. For example, the self-organizing network method has a fast communication speed and convenient construction, but it has no uniform standard. Each enterprise has its own array, which is difficult to operate and maintain, consumes high power, and requires high installation position. Moreover, the interests of the water department cannot be guaranteed. Once there is a problem or a bankruptcy within the network enterprise, the operation and maintenance cannot be carried out, and the water company will suffer huge losses. Another example is the current LoRa, the only chip manufacturer in the world, Semtech, the technical risks can be imagined, not to mention maintenance.

Furthermore, it is normal for a water company to use various water meters from multiple manufacturers. Since there is no uniform standard, the compatibility of various water meter multi-protocol access is extremely poor, and it is impossible to achieve mutual interconnection. Due to the different tables, various supporting facilities emerge in an endless stream, and the diversity of water meter application layer agreements has led to the emergence of various business platforms. All of these make the water division manage the water meter, in addition to the need to use different manufacturers' systems, but also to equip each table with their own business platform, and even understand the entire networking process. It is conceivable that in such a situation, how complicated the water division is in equipment maintenance and platform use!

Imagine that if different manufacturers and water meters adopt a unified standard protocol, all meter management and business platforms are integrated on one platform, and the water meters can not only realize remote transmission, but also need no time and effort in networking, and no need to consider maintenance. With technology upgrades, water divisions are much more convenient to deploy, maintain, and use.

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