Details of the wing type water meter

The screw-type water meter is also known as the verman (Walterman) water meter speed meter, suitable for large diameter pipes, which is characterized by large flow capacity, pressure loss.
Waterman water meter is a speed meter rotor flowmeter. When the water flows into the meter, the speed of the impeller flowing out of the water jet in the axial direction is proportional to the rotation speed of the impeller, and the total amount of water displayed in the indicator device through the flowmeter is indicated by the reduction gear.
Waterman water meter is divided into horizontal Watman water meter and vertical screw wing water meter two categories. Most of the domestic industry in the table is the level of spiral wings. The detachable level of Waterman's water meter offers a range of popular users thanks to its extensive flow measurement, part versatility, installation and maintenance, and no table to stop the water supply.

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