Stainless steel Single line manual test bench

Single test meters from Dn15~Dn50


The name : Single line manual test bench
Product Description
Single test meters from Dn15~Dn50
Stainless steel for main frame
Pressure testing system
Optical stop valve system with electronic control panel as option
Recycle system as option
Available to produce both cold and hot water meter test bench
Model name: XBT15-50
Model : XBT15-50

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NWM XBT-15~50BZ is single manual Test Bench for testing the water meters from size Dn15 to Dn50, designed by NWM and meets to the requirements of ISO 4064 Standard.

Basic Specification:
Test Benches are designed for reaching measuring uncertainty at 0.2%;
 Flow rate range:    from 4liters/h to 31.5m3/h as:






Flow Rate Range





Water temperature range: 15 to 40’C
Nominal pressure: 16 bars
Inlet pipe at Dn50 (2”);
Inlet water pressure: 2.5 to 4 bars;
Rotation  table  for  test 1pc  of  Dn15, Dn20,  Dn25/Dn32  (same  line  need  to change the connection), Dn40, Dn50;

Calibration tank with manual control as:

Calibration Tank

Big Size

Middle Size

Volume (liters)




Verifying methods: standing start/stop;
All the material are made of corrosion resistant material, the main material is Stainless steel 304;
Recycle tank under calibration tank with 1m3 as options;
Vacuum System as options;

Clamping Table with Rotation table:
Table: Rotation table for testing Dn15 to Dn50, 1pc/each;
Clamp system: Water Pressure, not less than2.5 bars;

Flow Calibration System:
No. of flow meters: 4 pcs of Flow meters
Start-Stop Valves: Electromagnetic Ball Valves with automatic controlling;
Calibration Valves: Ball valves with manual controlling;

Pressure Test System (AS OPTION):
With pressurized cylinder for up to 25bars static pressure testing with manual controlling;
he actual max. static pressure can be reached has the relation with water
Vacuum System (AS OPTION):
The vacuum system for release the air bubble form the test bench or the water meter, special for fulfill the water for the wet dial water meter;

Water Supply System: will be assured by client.
Max. Length * Width *Height:    ;

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